Advent reading?

Most of my Facebook friends are Catholic, so I often see quotes about spiritual matters on my feed, often with the comment, “Needed to hear this today!”  And then the quote is something like, “We must strive to love each other always!”  Okay, sure, fine, I guess I needed to hear that.  Or sometimes it’s like, “You say to  me, ‘I wasn’t feeling up to putting on eyeliner today!’ and I say to you, ‘You weren’t feeling up to glorifying God in all things.  Shape up, loser.’”

BUT, sometimes I hear something that is genuinely helpful and seems to apply to my actual life, with a combination of compassion and realism, and with encouragement to do better because God knows me and loves me.  And every single time, it turns out to be a quote by Francis De Sales.  So I finally broke down and bought one of his books,Introduction to the Devout Life.  It just came this morning.  I am seriously looking forward to this book.  There’s still plenty of Advent left!

How about you?  Reading anything good for Advent?  What’s the most helpful spiritual reading you’ve done?

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